A day in the life of CARVIMI

A day in the life of CARVIMI

Behind the final product there’s always a train of tasks that mustbe done that no one knows about. There are times when this train goes slow, peacefully and we can breathe between the tasks and there are times that it looks like a rollercoaster of things to do, where you just breathe when it’s done. For us, there’s nothing more exciting than these mixed realities and it’s exactly this that allows us to grow and improve every day. The fact that we are a brand that’s always looking for better ways to do things, it’s complicated to maintain a routine and a “normal day” in our life. There are days where we’ll be dealing with financial stuff all day, others where we’ll be managing a photo shoot for the new collection and even others spent entirely in meetings. But for you to know us better, we’re going to give you a sight of the most normal day in CARVIMI life.

In our office, we start the day just a little bit after the sunrise, because as the saying goes, the early bird catches the worm. In this case, the worm is not really a worm but is a bunch of daily tasks that we must accomplish. After a big cup of coffee, we are ready to check what’s our plan for the day.



First, and because our customer is in the centre of everything, we start by seeing our website orders and begin with the delivering process. We spend some time talking with our clients via WhatsApp, or any other communication channel that we feel appropriate, to see if the delivery was according to what they asked, if the fitting is perfect and how pleased they are with what they got. This is crucial to maintain and improve our customer relationship as well as to measure our quality by the feedback we receive. “Always listen to the client” is a motto that we like to follow properly.

After dealing with the packages and deliveries, and with the help of our marketing team, we start to plan our communication strategy for the month. We search for what engages our customer the most, in which platform do we have to improve, what content can attract more people to our website and so on. All of this is measured, and the plan is done accordingly. Sometimes the plan can be making three posts on Instagram, improving our website, or making interesting and funny blogs like this one... and I’m not kidding this time :) While these tasks are being done in the office, our design team is always working to develop new products to keep up with the trends. I bet you finished this last sentence with Kardashians but no, we just keep up with the trends. This process of creation is a never-ending work, together with the work that’s done in the factory, where the sketch comes to life.



Our CARVIMI team is always on the ground checking all stages of production, from the initial prototype to the final product. We have an excellent quality control team and it’s thanks to them that we can be proud of the quality and durability of all our shoes.



By the end of the day, we check our plan again to see if everything is accomplished. There will be days where we can do everything that was planned and, although we make super shoes, we are not superheroes, there willbe days that the checklist will be only half-checked. The important thing in the middle of these chaotic days is that we know that our team is always at their best, every minute, every hour. And we can’t be prouder of our CARVIMI family that works harder and harder every day. Thanks to them, our rollercoaster days feel more like a carousel ride: calmer and funnier. Of course, there is some screaming too in this carousel, but it’s all part of being the best team in the world!

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