CARVIMI was born from the objective of offering innovative products that demonstrate the concept of fashion in luxury footwear. The philosophy is to create pieces that stand out for their high quality and performance.
Created in 24.03.2021, CARVIMI originated from the desire to provide a premium experience that showcases the concept of fashion in luxury footwear.

We are a young and free spirited brand, a solution for an easy going and uncomplicated lifestyle, aiming at people of different ages and places, with a common taste for exclusivity.

We provide pieces of authentic and contemporary design with Portuguese production and strict quality control. Our universe revolves around the evolution of an increasingly urban and functional community, designed for those who see fashion as a statement. Therefore, the brand has a strong connection between comfort and style.

For us the shoe is a place of safety, where we find the strength to take on our personality. We are challenged to combine practical and timeless footwear, always using a differentiated savoir-faire throughout the process, thus meeting the demands and desires present in our daily lives without renouncing authenticity.