How to wear boots in Summer

How to wear boots in Summer

Boots in Summer? Hell Yes!

Sandals and flip-flops, I have some bad news for you…
It’s time to divide your market share with one new element… BOOTS!

We all know the mantra: sandals for summer, boots for winter. But… is it really that way? Boots have gained a place in our wardrobe, even in the summer. Of course, we’re not talking about fur boots or over-the-knee boots that can easily give us a heat stroke. We’re talking about knowing how to style appropriate boots for summer. Whether you’re going out to a nice restaurant or looking to add some grunge to your outfit for a summer festival, this fashion hack will forever change how you style your wardrobe.

CARVIMI can teach you some tricks. Are you ready to learn?

So, trick number one:
Ankle boots with summer dresses

You can never go wrong if you know how to match the perfect mini-dress with the perfect summer boots. It’s an ideal look to go for some picnic or a walk in the park. You can see the perfection when our Tulip Elastic Boots match with a mini white dress or imagine even a floral dress. Amazing right? This trending look gives a fresh take on traditional summer styles!

Trick number two:
Boots with denim

Festival season has arrived and there’s nothing more stylish and comfortable than some denim shorts or jeans with some combat boots, like our Dark Rose Boots.

Throw on a denim short and a basic neutral top or a slogan t-shirt and you are goldeeeeen :) If you want a more girly look and not a grungy one, you can opt for lighter boots, like our Tulip Elastic and combine them with some white shorts with a crop top and an oversized blouse or with a beige romper, as you can see in our model. You’re ready to rock either way!

Trick number three:
Combine with classic pieces

If you have the perfect satin dress in your wardrobe but it always feels too much to wear it casual, we have the solution: match it with boots! When you allow yourself to make this unlikely match, you revolutionize your wardrobe completely. Now you can rock it up with that dress that’s in your closet for hundred years. Give it a try and you’ll see your life changing.

And last but not least:
Be comfortable and confident

Remember that in order to look good, you must feel good. Whatever you may wear, the only thing that’s more important than style, is your confidence. You have the right to feel beautiful in your own skin, so wear that long dress with your favorite combat boots or that edgy shorts with some moto boots, as long as you feel the most fashionable person in the room (and I bet you are).

Get inspired with our photoshoot and rock that boots out!
CARVIMI, always caring about your style.

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