The Must-Haves of Spring ‘22

The Must-Haves of Spring ‘22


With Spring just around the corner, it’s time to shake our wardrobes a little bit and add some new tendencies to the old ones. These Spring ‘22 trends will lift any look and give your style staples a new lease of life. From adding a burst of color to the best dress in your wardrobe to giving a new life to your forgotten jeans with some classic detailing, these shoe trends will upgrade all your looks.

Let’s face it, ‘21 was the year where we faced some tragic and gray moments worldwide, so 2022 is revenging it. This year will be the year of color, where we introduce vivid and vibrant colors as well as some metallic inspirations to our collections to help us remember that life is supposed to be colorful and full of joy. That’s what we want you to feel when wearing our shoes: happy, stylish, joyful and comfortable.

And talking about comfort, that you already should know that’s our main priority, sporty leather loafers will have a top place in our collection. With these kinds of shoes, retro-inspired, you can easily turn a casual outfit into a trendy one worthy of a Vogue cover. These loafers are really versatile, and for that reason we want to keep it classic, with neutral colors like black and beige so everyone can use it and combine it with multiple outfits. It goes really well with some black shorts with a blazer on or keep it chic and sleek with your favorite denim and a basic t-shirt. It’s up to you how you style it but one thing we can assure you: You’ll rock either way!

On the other hand, if you’re the kind of person who can’t dismiss high-heels, we have some news for you! Naturally, we will not forget the edgy and classic high-heels sandals that made us feel like we’re Carrie Bradshaw on the Sex and the City set.

This Spring you can use and abuse all kinds of high-heeled sandals but especially the ones with pointed toes. They’re sexy, fashionable and of course, and we can only talk about our collection, comfortables! You can match it with different colors if you want to be more trendy, for example combining a green dress with some pink sandals, with a pink baguette bag and some pink accessories and you’re ready to go to Paris Fashion Week. If you want to be low-profile but fashionable at the same time, it’s possible too, by combining it with tailored trousers or baggy jeans, even a one-color suit, depending on the occasion. You can put together plenty of clothes, and still work with some good high-heel sandals. Just let your imagination run wild and you’ll see great outfits come alive.

And to finish our must-haves of this season, we couldn’t leave behind our last collection best seller, the famous Orchid Bio Sandal. In this new collection we will make some changes but the essence is still there. This strappy sandal will combine comfort and style so effortlessly that everyone should have one in their closet. Although it’s more sporty, sporty sandals are getting an upscale twist and have evolved to another level of fashion, it all depends on the way you style it.

Styling is an essential component in making your practical sandals look less like you're about to go to the mountains and more towards high-fashion. You can combine it with a short cute dress, some leather shorts or with jeans and a blazer, you’re free to match your mood with your outfit!

Now that you are aware of what’s trending this Spring, you just have to wait for the best shoe collection to arrive and by best shoe collection I mean CARVIMI collection of course :) Don’t despair, we swear it’s almost ready!

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