The New Collection

The New Collection

Summer is slowly knocking on the door and the craving for those longer, brighter and hotter days is starting to appear. And what does this mean? That our feet are starting to scream for some fresh shoes, sandals, and high heels to dance all night long until the sun appears again. Our new collection invites us to experience that summer feeling where the problems seem to fade and life itself gets another color, a better and vivid one. 

And talking about color…

As you certainly already saw (and if you don’t, you can check here), we made our second collaboration with our dearest Laura Figueredo. The collection that arises from this partnership is inspired by the Olympus’ Goddesses and is full of elegance and color. Proudly Made in Portugal and with premium materials, this collection presents two models, flat and high heel, with long straps that make you look like Aphrodite, the most beautiful of all goddesses. With trendy colors, you can easily combine them with the simplest outfits or mix it with some vibrant dresses or suits. You can find some inspirations at Laura Figueiredo instagram: @laurafigueiredooficial. It’s a collection for all occasions: a wedding, a night-out, a shopping day and even joggi… ok maybe not jogging but to walk on the beach it definitely works! And we can say that because we know how comfortable our shoes are and we swear you can dance all night long without feeling the desperate need to wear your ugliest but comfortable sneakers.

And since spring/summer is not only about sandals...

We launched the most elegant and classic moccasins of our entire collection. It was a very special moment since this collection celebrates CARVIMI’s first anniversary. 12 months of existence, 12 pairs each color: nude and black. Two elegant colors that perfectly represents our brand: reinventing but keeping it classy. You can match it with jeans, miniskirts and even with some thin bobby socks to give a daintier look. If you wake up one day feeling more irreverent and edgy, try to wear it with some funny socks or colorful ones. You’ll rock it either way!

Now that you already know that our new collection is irreverent but classic, comfortable and that make you look like a Goddess… what’s holding you back of having one pair? :)

This is just the beginning of our Spring/Summer Collection. If you want to be the first to know when new things are available, just subscribe our newsletter and stay tuned!

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